About the Report

In collaboration with Glints, we launched the ultimate salary, insights and trends report to help startup founders in Southeast Asia reimagine team building and scaling in an AI era.
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As entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs, we’ve been in your shoes. We live and breathe the realities and challenges facing our founders everyday, and understand the constant need for adapting and staying ahead of changes. That’s why we stand behind this report for its third consecutive year - it’s crafted to keep founders in the loop with the latest data, trends and opportunities in the startup talent landscape in Southeast Asia. For us at Monk’s Hill Ventures, it helps us understand how to guide our founders through the ups and downs of building and retaining strong teams.

Dive into the 2024 Southeast Asia Startup Talent Trends Report for a playbook on regional talent salary levels, integrating AI into your business strategy, and empowering startup teams through honing skill sets that make a difference.

What’s in the Report

Part I

Changing startup talent salary trends across geography, function and seniority levels in 2023

Part II

Real numbers on startup C-suite and Talent Salaries

Part III

AI Talent Landscape: Trends in Roles, Compensation, and Founder Perspectives

Part IV

Future of Work Trends in Talent Retention and Cross-Border Hiring

Part V

Interview Features from SEA Unicorn founders and industry experts