About the Report

Monk’s Hill Ventures (MHV) unveils its inaugural Impact and ESG Report underscoring our ongoing commitment to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles. Having formalized an ESG framework in 2021, our Partner and ESG Lead Susli Lie led the conception and formulation of this report showcasing the work done by our portfolio companies in their ecosystem and communities.

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Key Highlights from the Report

  • The products and services offered by our portfolio companies are impacting 75 million lives and businesses across Southeast Asia.
  • Our companies employ over 33,000 full-time employees and have generated $4 billion in revenues.
  • Across our portfolio, 36% of companies have one or more female founders, 28% are led by a female CEO, and 60% have at least one female board member.
  • Within MHV, our team comprises 12 nationalities, with 63% women in the workforce and 53% at the leadership level, including at the partnership level.
  • MHV is the first Southeast Asian early-stage fund manager to become a member of the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI), a voluntary industry body numbering 350+ GPs and LPs worldwide to drive convergence on ESG disclosures and implementation for private fund managers.  
The report also showcases a subset of portfolio companies addressing impact themes such as financial inclusion, access to healthcare, upward mobility and improved livelihoods, and climate and sustainability.

For a deeper dive into our ESG journey and insights, download the full report below.