Each of the partners of Monk's Hill Ventures has had many years of operating and investing experience in Asia. Last year, as we looked at the momentum of early stage companies in Southeast Asia, we realized that there was a rising demand for quality investors who understand and can empathize with the challenges faced by local entrepreneurs. We have had significant experience in Silicon Valley as well, where it is practically a requirement for the top VCs to be successful entrepreneurs. However, we started to realize that this was a huge blind spot in Southeast Asia.

Bringing Silicon Valley VC best practices to Asia

Bringing Silicon Valley VC best practices to Asia

Towards the end of 2013, we committed to building the best possible service company for the startup community in the region. Having built companies ourselves, we are clear that a VC firm, first and foremost, has to be a service companies to future globals (i.e. startups). We have worked closely with a number of the best VCs in Silicon Valley, where this model is the norm. Here in Asia, the model seems like it was back in the Valley two decades ago, where many of the VCs assume because they are the ones dishing out the dollars, they get to call the shots. They forget that they are serving the startups, not the other way around.

The entrepreneur and startup team are the stars. We're just the supporting cast.

We support not just with capital. We support with the depth of knowledge that ensures our entrepreneurs have access to our experience and network that we've taken our careers to build. And this helps to ensure the success of our companies. We will coach when we're asked to. We will help analyze sub-sectors if our founders need assistance. And we can quickly connect folks to potential customers, fellow investors, and business partners, as we're usually less than two degrees of separation from anyone in Asia and the Valley.

The bottom line is that we believe entrepreneurs backing entrepreneurs ensures a startup's best chance of success. It's a model that has worked phenomenally well in Silicon Valley for so many years and thus, we want to make it the standard here in Asia as well.