Get to know the partners [from the archives]

Stefan was on a panel at Startup Asia Jakarta in 2013 with Tom Clayton (Bubble Motion, Inc) and Saemin Ahn (Rakuten Ventures) about raising money in Indonesia and SE Asia.

He talks about the two qualities he looks for in an entrepreneur and shares invaluable insights on how he gets to know startups and the people behind them.

Soundbites (paraphrased)

Every year in Europe, there are 2,000 new tech companies. Of those 2,000, 50 raise a series A. In the US, there are 10,000 new startups - 5 times more than Europe. 400 receive series A - 8 times more venture money. In Indonesia, there were 30 VC investments across all stages. In 2012, there were 20 deals. In 2011, there were 10 deals. The ecosystem is still small but growing fast.


The video can't be embedded, watch the entire discussion here