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The Founders’ Coaching Pause (FCP) is a 3 day entrepreneurs' leadership program for entrepreneurs to take a moment to pause and focus on their “why” – both by being a coach and learning how to coach. In other words, how to turbo-charge the most important resource of a company: People. The program will give founders a chance to reflect on how their values connect with their leadership agenda. The off-site retreat will then be followed with a series of group meetings - C-Pods, which are peer-based coaching groups - over the subsequent 12 months to ensure that the theory is put into action.

We started FCP because there was a lack of experienced coaches and advisors for entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. In this program, you will be exposed to the methodologies needed to boost a start-up from 2 people to 2000 people and beyond. These methodologies were mainly evolved from practitioners in the Silicon Valley.