Location: Flexible

Want to design the ultimate solutions for 1.5 Billion English learners around the world? Join Elsa, an artificial intelligence-powered app that teaches people to speak English with less accent.

We are seeking a Senior Product Manager with a passion for educational games to help bring amazing machine learning technology to the palms of English learners across the world!

Elsa has offices in Silicon Valley (USA), Lisbon (Portugal), and Saigon (Vietnam).


  • Focus on driving virality and monetization for the core product. Run a full-stack growth team.

  • Develop overall growth strategy which comprises of new customer acquisitions, monetization and virality across all channels and platforms

  • Adopt a user and data-driven approach to product development - by marrying both quantitative (AB testing) and qualitative (user research & usability testing) in order to drive compounding improvements across all funnel metrics

  • Develop and execute on monetization strategy, including pricing and packaging, and funnel metrics across activation, conversion, upgrades, and retention.

  • Launch and optimize customer communication channels; optimized email and push campaigns

  • Segment users based on quantitative and qualitative data and advised on product roadmap, product positioning, product messaging, and partnership opportunities

  • Work with a remote team (located in Silicon Valley, Portugal, and Vietnam)

  • Provide strategic design thinking and leadership


  • Demonstrated success with 5+ years as a Growth PM for mobile consumer apps or gaming apps

  • Proven track record of achieving goals in virality and monetization

  • Passion for growing an education product in an international audience

  • Strong ability to lead a full stack growth team to rapidly iterate on new growth experiments

  • Deep understanding of virality and social gaming techniques

  • Excellent understanding of Apple's interface design guidelines and Android design guidelines

  • Experience working with remote teams; experience working as a full-time member of a fast-paced product company


people@elsanow.io with

  1. Your portfolio of work

  2. Your LinkedIn profile or CV

  3. Your dream job when you were a child

About ELSA:
ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Corp. is a San Francisco-based funded startup with engineering offices in Lisbon. Our vision is to enable everyone to speak foreign languages with full confidence, reaching better life and career opportunities. Our flagship product, ELSA speak, is a personal mobile coach who improves our users' English pronunciation and intonation using phonetic and suprasegmental analysis of the user's speech. Our backend servers implement state-of-the-art speech assessment technology to pinpoint the user’s most outstanding errors and give accurate and consistent feedback on how to solve them.