Location: Ho Chi Minh City or Lisbon

At ELSA we run our own speech technology algorithms in Kubernetes, distributed into several clusters around the World with the objective to reduce the latency of processing the user’s speech. As a devops engineer at ELSA you will be responsible for the maintenance and optimization or ELSA’s Kubernetes infrastructure to ensure seamless scalability, no downtime and a quick and accurate response to our users.


  • Orchestrate and monitor ELSA servers.

  • Measure infrastructure performance and optimize it based on learned insights.

  • Manage the company’s CI/CD pipelines.

  • Create automated tools to ensure a very high service uptime.

  • Be up to date with the latest Kubernetes trends and optimize our system accordingly.


  • Experience with Kubernetes and in managing production-grade clusters with hundreds of nodes per cluster.

  • Be a docker master, being able to convert local projects into dockerized versions.

  • Good English communication skills (both oral and writing).

  • Be curious and eager to learn, be a team player and be ready to put a lot of effort in the project.

  • 1+ years of experience as a devops engineer, preferable more.

  • Experience with AWS and CGP implementations of Kubernetes.

  • Experience with Gitlab and CI/CD

  • Knowledge of Helm, Kops, Prometheus and Graphana


people@elsanow.io with

  1. Your LinkedIn or CV

  2. Your GitHub handle

About ELSA:
ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) Corp. is a San Francisco-based funded startup with engineering offices in Lisbon. Our vision is to enable everyone to speak foreign languages with full confidence, reaching better life and career opportunities. Our flagship product, ELSA speak, is a personal mobile coach who improves our users' English pronunciation and intonation using phonetic and suprasegmental analysis of the user's speech. Our backend servers implement state-of-the-art speech assessment technology to pinpoint the user’s most outstanding errors and give accurate and consistent feedback on how to solve them.