SOUTHEAST Asia as a fast growing market


We are driven to help companies from Southeast Asia expand globally. Relationships are important in Asia. We know this through the many businesses we have built across Asia - from Japan and China to India and Indonesia. With these relationships and experiences, we help our companies navigate the nuances and specifics of various countries in the region.

Our home bases are Singapore and Jakarta. We are bullish on the attractiveness of Southeast Asia as a region in Asia with rapidly growing opportunities. Singapore has proven to be a great strategic location for expanding to the rest of Asia, while Jakarta is at the heart of a booming consumer economy in one of the most populous countries in the world.

We are excited with the rapid rise of entrepreneurial talent in Southeast Asia over the last ten years. We have seen great companies born in the region built by world-class entrepreneurs. Southeast Asia, with a population of over 600 million, represents enormous potential on a global scale. With some of the most social and mobile users in the world, the region presents fertile ground for the emergence of technology startup winners.

Over the past decade, we have also become trusted advisers and partners to leading VCs in Silicon Valley. We have helped leading growth-stage startups tap the growth veins across Asia. We have helped companies overcome the challenges presented by the region and take advantage of the opportunities. If you are thinking about Southeast Asia, you should talk to us.