Company: escapex
Location: Taipei, Taiwan


As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at escapex, you will be responsible for the “how” of the product — the strategic approach to development and delivery. The CTO determines how the team will use technology to improve products and services. Tactically, this work includes cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to figure out which platforms and solutions have the best chance of paying off.

The CTO studies technology solutions to make recommendations for enterprise architecture and how work should best get done. The point is not to invest in emerging technology because it is newer than what is currently being used. It is to improve the product’s ability to solve real problems for customers and enhance the team’s ability to execute against their commitments.

The CTO is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company.  The CTO works with Executive Management to grow the company through the use of technological resources. Using an active and practical approach, the CTO will direct all employees in IT and RD departments to attain the company’s strategic goals established in the company’s strategic plan.

The CTO will Interact effectively with other parts of the company; be viewed as a trusted business advisor by department heads, not just CEO/GM. Critical outcomes include supporting the executive team with key technical information and operational analytics and driving a culture of accountability in managing the business, adding value to operating businesses and voicing well-substantiated dissenting opinions.


  • Establish the company’s technical vision and leads all aspects of the company’s technological development
  • Directs the company’s strategic direction, development and future growth
  • Works in a consultative fashion with other department heads, such as marketing, production and operations as an advisor of technologies that may improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Provide leadership to department heads in a fashion that supports the company’s culture, mission and values. 
  • Conducts research and case studies on leading edge technologies and makes determinations on the probability of implementation.
  • Acts as a good steward of escapex resources and ensures control of IT and RD departmental budgets.

    Qualities we're looking for:
  • Abilities:
    • Ability to actively communicate, inspire and motivate all levels of staff
    • Ability to think and act strategically and proactively
    • Strong writing and presentation skills
  • Competencies should include:
    • Leadership competencies
    • Ability to hire "A" players, continuously develops employees and coach for performance and removes underperformers
    • Recognized for treating people with respect
    • Demonstrates efficiency of execution; flexibility and adaptability
    • Creates network of talented people
  • Personal competencies
    • Integrity/honesty
    • Organization and planniing
    • Calm under pressure
    • Aggresive
    • Moves effectively
    • Follows through on commitments
    • Intellectual competencies
    • Brainpower/learns quickly
    • Analysis skills
    • Strategic thinking/visioning
    • Creative/innovative
    • Attention to detail
  • Motivational Competencies
    • Enthusiasm/ability to motivate others
    • Persistent
    • Proactive/takes initiative
    • Work ethic
    • Sets high standards
  • Interpersonal Competencies
    • Listening skills
    • Open to criticism and others' ideas
    • Written communications
    • Oral communication
    • Teamwork
    • Persuasion
    • Holds people accountable



  • BS+ (or above) in Computer Science Mathematics, Engineering or related technical discipline or a demonstrated track record in software development.
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Has an exceptional leadership skill in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Has a solid understanding of IT and technology and the benefits it can provide
  • Is a natural networker, and proactively look for ways to nurture your intellectual and social curiousity
  • Has the ability to translate a new technology/trend in business terms
  • Additional experience in technology strategy (at a large tech company, investment bank, or internet/ad agency/e-commerce company), particularly in product, business or financial analysis
  • Ability to initiate and drive projects to completion with minimal guidance
  • A self-starter, with the ability to ideate, plan and execute initiatives; because of you, things just happen
  • Exceptional people and organizational leadership, with a track record of leading high performing teams through change and growth

    What escapex can do for you:
  • We are a fun energetic tight-knit team with a passion for music, social media and technology
  • In office/external happy hours
  • Health insurance
  • Stock option scheme based on employee stock option plan
  • Relocation support would be considered for the right candidate

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About escapex:
In the ever-changing world of social media, the only constant are the people at the end of the channel. We are profoundly passionate about creators and putting them front and center has been our driving force from day one. So we’ve set out to build a different model: to reimagine social media where control is in the hands of creators, not platforms. Where those driving engagements are compensated, not the networks they use. Where communication is direct, no intermediaries. Where everyone can be seen. This is escapex, and it's just the beginning.

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